about himself and his understanding of art:

Colours and forms - art and culture - profession and vocation, are components that have always determined my life. One does not exist without the other. My paintings show these polarities.
The world of colours and forms opened up early in my life. They are embedded in the freedom of painting - unrestricted by social conventions. In recent years, these forms and colours have taken on more and more expression. Exemplary artists have influenced me: Goethe, Turner, Monet and Itten, but also Jackson Pollock, have been my companions and have encouraged me to play with colours.
My aim is balance: balance in colours and structures. Colours are often very determining, they tell a story, influence mind and mood. They may brighten or calm. The triad BLUE-RED-YELLOW are clearly defined, while mixed colours leave free space in all directions.
My 3-D structure painting technique, developed and refined over the last 30 years, offers me the opportunity to express myself spontaneously and reflects my desire for balance and freedom.

Many of my paintings depict the persons, who were of particular significance for me, places I have visited and impressions which have left me with very positive impressions; told in my language, the language of colours and textures. Through my paintings, the viewer can enter a space of experience that he may rediscover again and again. In doing so, he experiences a space of experience that interweaves two spaces. First, the space of the concrete part of the picture and then in the second space the viewer discovers apparent contradictions: is the object in the space of the picture abstract or concrete? Both! That happens in the eye of the viewer.

I have had the opportunity to show and teach my painting technique in the East and West. What we all have in common, no matter where we live -expressed though in different languages and different forms of artistic expression - is the desire for harmony and balance.

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